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Fire Alarms | Hove

Fire alarms help save lives and also save your business from going up in smoke

We’ve been installing and maintaining fire alarms for commercial businesses for more than 40 years. Our approvals, technical knowledge and experience are just a few reasons why people choose us.

Fire Alarms Hove
Fire Alarms Hove


Are you confident that your current fire alarm is providing you with enough protection?

Today’s fire alarms with their enhanced smoke detectors are the best we’ve ever seen. They offer unrivalled protection and provide you with the reassurance that your property is safe from the threat of fire.

Working in areas such as Hove, we have extensive experience in the installation of fire alarms for the likes of schools, retail shops, office buildings, hospitals and factories to name but a few. For a FREE quote for a new fire alarm, please give our team a call.


Why do you need a fire alarm?

Legal Requirement

As part of the Fire Safety Order Act, a building/business owner is required to make sure that their property has a working fire alarm.

Protects Lives

Our advanced smoke and heat detectors work with our fire alarms to alert you as soon as possible allowing all occupants to escape.

Peace Of Mind

By have a fire alarm in place, it provides you with reassurance that you’re complying with the law and your building is safe from fire.


Unhappy with your current fire safety provider?

At Sussex Alarms, we welcome new customers and can take over your existing fire alarm and other fire safety measures.

We can either continue to service your existing system or replace them with a more reliable and solid fire alarm instead. If you would like to know more about this, or to find out where we work outside of the Brighton and Hove area, please get in touch with our team today.

Fire Alarms Hove
Fire Alarms Hove


We specialise in all aspects of fire protection not just fire alarms

Fire safety is more than just a fire alarm. In order to remain compliant with the law you might also need:

Fire extinguishers

Emergency lighting

Fire suppression

These are just a few examples of additional fire protection services that we offer. To find out what else we offer, or to find out where we work outside of Hove, please get in touch.

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