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Watching over homes and businesses across Sussex since 1981

Covering East Sussex, Brighton & Hove

CCTV Brighton
CCTV Brighton

CCTV Cameras

CCTV Surveillance is now more affordable than ever before

With advancements in technology, CCTV cameras can offer many more features for a fraction of the cost they once were. We’ve helped businesses and homeowners across Brighton & Hove unlock the true potential of new-age CCTV cameras and can suggest a wide range of options for you to choose from.

Brighton’s CCTV Specialists

A comprehensive design service, from CCTV installation to maintenance and monitoring

Our experienced CCTV engineers are highly trained to design a system which meets the individual needs of the client along with a wide range of software to enable remote viewing via the internet, mobile phones and tablets.

CCTV systems can also be configured for remote monitoring via an ARC (alarm receiving centre) and can be integrated with access control and intruder alarm systems where required. The possibilities of modern security systems is endless.

What type of CCTV cameras do we typically install?

IP CCTV Camera Systems

Networked cctv cameras is the new standard for CCTV installations, allowing you to access a wide range of internet-based features such as remote monitoring from your smart-device.

Dedicated options for Home & Business

When it comes to CCTV, Homes and Businesses in Brighton often have different requirements. We tailor each and every system to it fits the needs of the client and challenges of the environment.

Specialist CCTV Surveillance Options

CCTV provides an effective means of deterring crime from your property – they can be used to deter, see, record and reassure

New Features

Watch over your property like never before with easy-to-access CCTV remote viewing. Our cameras can be setup to be viewed directly from your smartphone or PC, enabling you to keep an eye on what matters most from wherever you are in the world. An amazing tool for Home owners and Businesses.

Our Services


Whilst our cameras are built to withstand the elements, over time they can become unclean or knocked, obscuring the scene your cameras were once set to watch over. We can offer scheduled maintenance with all our equipment, as well as reactive servicing, to ensure your security never has a blind spot.

Our Services

CCTV Monitoring

Much like Alarm Monitoring, CCTV Monitoring is dealt with an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) who can watch over your property when you are away, or outside of business hours. We help many businesses across Brighton & Hove with 24/7 monitoring to ensure their property is swifly responded to in the event of an incident.

Business CCTV Surveillance

Specialist CCTV surveillance for your Business

We work with business owners across Sussex, Brighton & Hove, installing commercial-grade CCTV systems and maintaining existing cameras where required. Where required, we can offer specialist cameras and monitoring to fit the needs of even the most challenging environment.

Our CCTV systems are flexible and scalable and can include:

  • HD Surveillance Systems utilising IP networks
  • Night Vision and Thermal cameras
  • Remote Monitoring from our ARC
  • Responsive servicing and scheduled maintenance

CCTV from Sussex Alarms provides an extra pair of eyes to watch over your business, staff, property and assets.

Home CCTV Cameras

Dedicated, affordable CCTV options for Home Owners

We’ve noticed CCTV cameras are now a popular option for Home owners across Brighton & Hove, they can provide a reliable, smart way of watching over your home and in some cases, provide a little extra peace of mind than other, passive forms of security.

We can offer CCTV cameras, hand-picked for home use, as a standalone security system, or integrated into a home alarm.

  • High definition viewing, with day and night capability
  • Remote viewing through smartphone apps
  • Simple recording options to hold evidence

Sussex Alarms can help you find an affordable cctv option for your home, built to meet your requirements and your budget.

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