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Ensuring that your alarm system is never ignored

Guarantee a response to any activation with alarm monitoring from Sussex Alarms.

Alarm Monitoring Hove


A sounding alarm is not always enough to scare away an intruder

Sussex Alarms can help back up your security with a 24-hour service that ensures the correct procedures are carried out and the authorities are alerted should your alarm system be triggered.

We work with one of the largest Alarm Receiving Centres in the UK. They employ experienced and highly trained operatives who will monitor your alarm system 24/7 and will contact either the emergency services or a dedicated keyholder if your alarm system has been activated.


What is the difference between holder response and police response?

Keyholder Response

A dedicated keyholder could include the owner of the business, a member of staff or a dedicated keyholding company. The keyholder will be contacted by the ARC centre who will then be able to attend to the property.

Police Response

Like it says in the name, police response means that the alarm monitoring station will contact the police if the alarm has been triggered. They will then attend the property and carry out a full search of your site.

Alarm monitoring significantly reduces the chances of a false alarm

The most common causes of false alarms include sensors not working, batteries needing replacing or human error. The police will no longer respond to your call-outs if you have more than 3 false alarms in a year.

We have been regularly praised for the lower number of false alarms recorded. This proves great value in the quality intruder alarms that we install.

For more information about our alarm monitoring services, please get in touch with our Brighton and Hove team.

Alarm Monitoring Hove

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